Dear customers,

AETNA, in support of its insured, during the period of the corona, offers completely free :

1. Access the vHealth application. VHealth is a telemedicine application with which you can talk by phone or video with specialized doctors of various specialties without having to move out of the house, either on symptoms of coronary heart disease or any other medical issue 24/7.
The activation code if you are our customer has been sent to your email. If you have not received it, please contact us.

2. In all contracts that are exempt from hospital care, if treatment with Covid-19 is required, the exemption is zero until 1/6/2020 and applies to coverage in any country covered by the contract.

3. In case your doctor refers you to a coronary diagnostic test, the cost is again fully covered without any exemption.

Finally, as we have already announced, we point out that the contracts of AETNA do not exclude the coverage of pandemics and therefore not even of the corona.

We wish you patience and we believe that soon everything will be a thing of the past.