Business Travel Days

Buy what thousands of businesses are buying around the world to protect their executives, but also their liquidity.

What is Business Travel Days (BTD)

Business Travel Days is the insurance tool of contemporary companies whose executives travel abroad. 

It offers complete health care coverage with direct payment of expenses to all hospitals worldwide, as well as coverage of all expenses for out-patient treatments.

In that way companies have full control of the incidental expenses that may arise, since every employee has their own insurance card that covers their healthcare expenses abroad. 


The unique features of B.T.D. are: 

– Easy process of taking out insurance online

– Unlimited coverage of hospitalization expenses

– Low cost

– Tax allowance for the company

– Specific data management platform for HR

– Direct payment to all hospitals worldwide (*)

(*) Some areas that are in a state of war may not be covered


Basically, the covers of B.T.D. refer to any medical expenses incurred by an executive of your company, except those within the insured’s country of permanent residence. 

However, the insurance can cover additional expenses for loss of baggage, travel documents (cash, tickets, securities and passports) travel delay or postponement, civil liability, repatriation e.t.c.

You can see extensively the list of covers by asking for a quote below.


Any company with a minimum of 5 employees that travel abroad. 

Coverage can be extended even to guests of your company at Greece. For example, if a company invites some suppliers or clients at a meeting that does not take place within the country of their permanent residence, you can offer them complete health care coverage through this program, minimizing your liabilities and presenting a high- level company profile.


In case you have already purchased an International Group Insurance Scheme, it’s very likely than you do not need B.T.D.

But if your company has purchased a scheme from a local insurance company, then, most likely, reimbursement for hospitalization will not exceed 40.000 euro.

In that case and in many medical cases, the cover limit is not sufficient and that means that your company has to disburse immediately funds, so as the employee can remain at a private hospital.

Furthermore, the payment of the cover limit is realized only if you pay first, translate the invoices and all supporting documents at the Consulate of the country where the admission to the hospital took place and deposit the documentation, in order to be compensated with the amount of money that you are entitled to, according to the terms of the contract. Even then, your company will need to disburse immediately funds.

Whereas with B.T.D. you are paid directly and you have unlimited coverage in any place of the world your employees travel. 


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By applying on line, you will be sent a copy at the email address you will provide. Afterwards, a special scheme will be created for your company. Within 3-5 days, an invoice will be issued and as soon as the premium is paid, you will be sent the user name and the password for the Data Management Platform of your scheme.

Through this platform you can issue insurance certificates for every executive of your company travels abroad and you can have a complete record of your employees’ journeys.