Published: August 31, 2020

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As of 1 September 2020, the following therefore applies to Annual Multi-Trip and Single Trip Travel Insurance, Business Travel Insurance and Schengen Travel

Ex gratia COVID-19 cover
Bupa Global Travel has decided to offer COVID-19 medical coverage to our customers regardless of the epidemic exclusion in our policy conditions, provided you comply with the safe travel requirements listed below. We will cover medical expenses, medical evacuation and medical repatriation related to COVID-19 diagnosis ex gratia as the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a pandemic.
The ex gratia COVID-19 cover includes the following:
Medical expenses
Bupa Global Travel will cover the cost of COVID-19 testing (excluding antibody testing) where this is prescribed by a medical professional as well as costs related to treatment, medication or hospitalization resulting from having contracted COVID-19 provided such procedures have been prescribed by a medical professional.

We do not cover costs related to COVID-19 testing for visa purposes.

We do not cover the cost of COVID-19 testing to comply with mandatory or recommended testing prior to travel, upon arrival or during the trip unless the insured traveler exhibits COVID-19 symptoms and such testing has been prescribed by a medical professional. Nor do we cover testing as part of mandatory or recommended quarantine unless the insured exhibits COVID-19 symptoms and such testing is prescribed by a medical professional.
Medical evacuation and repatriation
Medical evacuation and medical repatriation of COVID-19 patients are conducted in full compliance with standard policy conditions, including the requirement for Bupa Global Travel's medical consultant to agree on the necessity of transferring the patient. Please also note that medical evacuation of a COVID-19 patient may be subject to local restrictions.
Ex gratia COVID-19 cover does not apply to any other Bupa Global Travel Insurance coverage other than those stated above.

All other policy terms and conditions still apply.