Published: April 24, 2020

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What are the differences between International and local health programs?

The two main categories of health products are International programs and local programs.

International programs have been created with the aim of offering high quality benefits without geographical restriction.

Precisely because they have been created with global coverage in mind, they usually have no restrictions on contracted hospitals or doctors.

Below we have created a summary table (*) with the main differences.

Characteristics International Local
Designed for International customers Local
Coverage level High Lower
Maximum coverage High Lower
Coverage area Global Limited
Coverage options A lot Less
Hospital coverage Private Private / Public
Completeness of hospital coverage High Smaller
Renewability Lifelong Lifelong
Network of Hospitals Global Limited
Exceptions Few More
Pre-existing coverage Several Usually not
Language support Multilingual Local
Drug coverage Yes No
Direct payment at all hospitals Yes No
Compensation to offline doctors Yes No
(*) The table is indicative and due to the many available health programs it is quite concise and aims to give a general description - comparison of the two main categories of hospital insurance

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