is an insurance broking firm with full expertise in offering private health plans, either for individual customers or for larger groups and businesses. We provide a wide range of collective plans for Greek and multinational companies.

Our extensive experience in this field enable us to offer our clients a high level of service, unique insurance solutions and quality consulting services.

Thanks to our well trained and highly experienced staff, we ensure that we offer individual support to each customer, which in turn ensures that our customer experiences a unique service throughout our cooperation.

And that’s why we say we offer our customers 5-star coverage!

Balance Control (Balance Check)

A group contract must adhere to these two conditions:

  1. To be used by company personnel
  2. Be profitable to the insurance company

The employees need to fully understand this provision made available to them by the company so they can benefit from it by utilising it when they really need it.

The second condition is necessary because, otherwise, the insurance company reserves the right to increase the premiums on the contract according to the amount of compensation is pays each year. Thus, with reckless use from the group or a year with a high rate of compensation can lead to an increase premiums which may not be acceptable for the client.

Experience suggests that on a large scale, this balance is rejected.

Reasons why this is sometimes the case:

  • Mistakenly pricing the contract
  • The misuse of the contract
  • The lack of knowledge of the benefits of the contract
  • The absence of control during the contracted insurance period

Our company, with the Balance Check mechanism, offers support and solutions to achieve such a balance; on the one hand, with frequent visits and meetings with employees, we create both the knowledge and the culture of how to properly use the contract. With this, the employee understands when they can and must use the contract, when to combine it with their public body (e.g. EFCA) or even with another personal private plan they may have.

On the other hand, in cooperation with the insurance companies, we propose tariffs to be added to the contract, these do not put the client out of budget and are kept as stable as possible over the years.

We send reports to the clients up to 4 times a year, including the company’s financial management information regarding the contract and suggestions for possible corrections to maintain the balance.

Training Visits 

With regular visits and consultations from us at, however often you choose, we offer staff information on the group contract as well as other insurance issues that you may have.

This way, your employees receive a personal service, as if they had an individual contract with us.

It is also possible, for those who are looking for this, to combine their existing individual plan with their team contract, or even create an individual coverage extension to also benefit the group.

Annual, Bi-annual and Quarterly Surveys

With the mechanism that we have created, we enable you and your employees to periodically evaluate both our own services and the insurance company themselves. This is how we work to ensure any problems that arise, they are quickly solved and do not become unnecessarily large. We believe that the group contract is a contract within the market that operates 365 days a year, and so needs regular control of its operation.

Connections abroad for special coverage  

Our long-standing relationships that have been created with foreign insurance companies enables you and your employees to enjoy unique benefits:

  • Hospital coverage abroad
  • Medicine coverage abroad (for employees traveling or working outside of Greece)
  • Coverage of childbirth costs
  • Infertility costs coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Ophthalmological coverage
  • High shareholders’ equity funds
  • Etc.

This way, you are sure that as much as your business grows and internationally expands, can offer you insurance coverage.

What happens if somebody leaves your company? 

During somebody’s employment in a company, it is highly probable that they at some point a serious illness may occur. Should your employee have to leave the company, would you like to have the ability to continue their insurance coverage so that they can meet their medical expenses?

More Information

So why have just a simple group plan, when you can have your group plan, but with the unique services has to offer?