Brokerage = Service 

In general, service is an essential part of broking. Our business commitment at is to provide an excellent quality of service to every potential customer.

We have established certain Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for both our customers and for our partner businesses. The SLA’s have been established with the intention to set specific response times for all of the services we offer to our customers, with these times depending on the type of request from the customer. With these SLA’s in place, our customers can understand what exactly to expect from the services we provide. Sticking to these SLA’s is what makes us stand out as a business, even by measuring the time taken between a customer sending in a request and the time taken for us to provide the first response.

The results from the SLA’s are frequently observed and evaluated to keep our services to the best possible standard for our customers.

Brokerage = Knowledge

The important thing when choosing your insurance broker is to base your decision on the experience they have in the field you would like coverage for, not just for their general experience in insurance broking. Similarly with other professions (Lawyers, Medical professionals, etc.) a broker cannot be the best at all types of insurance.

With over 30 years of experience, ensures to provide you with a profound basis of international healthcare coverage and tailor the coverage to each individual customer.

Our Expertise

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Plans for clients with high expectations

Our company offers a plethora of plans with specialised services for customers looking for high quality coverage and services.

Why choose us as your Brokers?

  • Specialisation

    Throughout the variety of health plans (individual, team, local, international).

  • Computerisation

    Innovative and specialised computerisation for an excellent service.

  • Leaders

    With unique ideas designed to offer you better products and overall a better service.

  • Worldwide

    With unique access to international markets and worldwide customer service.

  • Consistency

    With more than 30 years’ experience, we have proven and continue to demonstrate that consistency is the most important thing.

Customer Comments

“Whenever I would talk with other insurers, I always felt like I was speaking to salespeople. However, when I started working with, I truly felt like I had found someone I could really rely on with my insurance issues”.


Technology Sector

“We had a fantastic experience for the Greek Market standards, not only when we were provided with excellent service when our company needed the insurance to respond, but also the care we were given when we had to choose the right insurance plan for us”.


Shipping Sector

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We can arrange a meeting to analyse your existing contracts and discuss new insurance coverage that you may need.