The story behind

The company was created with a vision of innovative customer service

The executives of our company have more than 30 years of experience in the local and international insurance market. In the interest of the client, our company chose to operate as an insurance brokerage company, independent of any insurance company, providing objective legal advice to its clients.

International is a leading Greek company in the International Private Insurance Market.

Our unique penetration in the global market, our experience since 1991 and our specialization in International health programs, guarantee that each of our clients receives services tailored to their needs. With VIP service and access to cutting-edge technologies, it is certain that with us, your insurance becomes simple, transparent, and enjoyable.

Our goal is to become the insurance partner, to ensure your peace of mind whether you are a private or corporate client.



Chamber license

Identity IB
Insurance brokers
VAT NUMBER. 800806058
256 Mesogeion Ave., 15561, Cholargos
Δ.Ο.Υ. Cholargos

No. GEMI: 141495903000

DUNS: 498014291

Sending data

Ombudsman information form

According to Law 4583/2018 concerning the incorporation of European Directive 2016/97 / EU in Greek Legislation regarding the distribution of insurance products we must inform you of the following.

1.Information of the Insurance Mediator.

  • Name: Insurance Brokers
  • Purpose: Insurance Broker (Insurance Broker is the natural or legal person who, by written order of the customer, carries out the activity of distribution of insurance products based on the analysis of a sufficient number of insurance contracts available in the market, without being bound as the choice of the Insurance company. )
  • Legal form: Private capital company
  • Initial Share Capital: 7770 euros.
  • Country of Origin: Hellas
  • Head offices address: 256 Mesogeion Ave., Cholargos, Athens
  • Registration Chamber: Athens Chamber of Commerce
  • No. Chamber register: 363978
  • No. Special Register of Insurance Broker: 234

The verification of our registration can be done by asking the Professional Chamber of Athens at 2103380201 as well as from the website of the General Register of Insurance Intermediaries,, putting in the search our TIN: 800806058

We expressly state that we do not have any direct or indirect participation in a specific Insurance Company which exceeds 10% of the voting rights or its capital, just as there is no direct or indirect participation in a specific Insurance company or parent company of a specific Insurance Company exceeding 101 Insurance Mediator.

2. Complaints Management Procedure.

Our company follows the process of managing complaints as defined by law. The written complaint is submitted by post to the address of the Insurance Ombudsman mentioned above or to the email: [email protected] Our company ensures the correct and timely process of managing the written complaints that are submitted. Any claim against our company is barred after the period specified by law for each case.

3. Information regarding the appeal and the mechanisms of Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution.

The consumer after submitting the complaint to our company will evaluate it applying the relevant decision of the Bank of Greece, and in case he is not satisfied, he has the opportunity to appeal, with his report, to the Consumer Ombudsman, without limiting his ability to settle the dispute out of court before other courts.

4. Insurance Mediation Activity.

Our company as an Insurance and Reinsurance Broker carries out the distribution activity on the basis of a written contract with the insurance and reinsurance companies, in a way that prevents the legal and financial dependence towards them.

The insurance and reinsurance broker receives:

a) Supply from the insurance companies, in which he placed the insurance risk ordered by his client, or and

b) Remuneration from the customer, based on a written contract between them. In the event of an agreement between the Broker and the client of such a fee, the minimum content of the agreement with the client is the Tax Registration Number of the insurance broker, the Tax Registration Number of the client, the time and manner of payment of the fee and the exact amount of the fee or, if this is not possible, the basis and method of calculating the remuneration.

The insurance broker also informs the customer that he provides an impartial and personal analysis of the products promoted in the Greek market. For the purpose of providing an unbiased and personal analysis, the insurance broker analyzes a sufficiently large number of insurance contracts and products available on the market, in order to be able to recommend with an individual and professional criteria the insurance contract that best meets his requirements and needs. customer.

5. Needs investigation and conclusion of an Insurance Contract.

Our company before concluding an insurance contract proceeds as follows:

-determines the requirements and needs of the customer, based on the information provided by the customer. The proposed insurance product and each proposed insurance contract must meet the requirements and needs of the customer.

-explains to the client the characteristics of the insurance product in an objective and understandable way, which allows him to choose an insurance product and decide on the conclusion of the insurance contract, after having been sufficiently informed about the insurance coverage and the rights and obligations of both parties. Especially during the distribution of insurance products of the insurance branches of par. 1 of article 4 of law 4346/2016, the distributor of insurance products additionally delivers the information document for the insurance product prepared by the respective insurance company for each of its products.

Provides the customer with advice on a specific insurance product or a specific insurance contract and explains to the customer the reasons why the proposed product best meets his needs.

Advice is provided in one of the ways provided for in Article 33 of the Directive, in paper form or on the Internet.

6. Certification of Knowledge.

The relevant mediation licenses as defined in paragraph 1, allow our company to distribute products with investment characteristics, which can be cross-checked from the website of the General Register of Insurance Mediators,, putting in Search our VAT number: 800806058

7) Collection of Premiums. Our company has not asked any insurance company for the right of collection and the customer pays his insurance premiums directly to the insurance company.