Our company never gives your personal data to third parties for advertising purposes

H International-Brokers.com IB, strives to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data it processes in relation to the services it provides to customers. The services of International-Brokers.com IB mainly refer to risk management and insurance intermediation consulting services, which facilitate the examination, access, and management of claims within insurance services.

Insurance is the concentration and sharing of risk in a possible event. To this end, information, including the Personal Data of various categories of customers, is required to be disclosed to different persons involved in the insurance market during the life cycle of the insurance:

  1. Special offer
  2. Inception,
  3. Management,
  4. Renewal.

In order to clarify the terms used in this Privacy Policy, the following are the roles of the key Participants in the insurance market:

• Insurance Receiver: It is the natural or legal person applying for insurance to protect against the risks that might affect it. The insurance recipient may approach an Ombudsman (such as International-Brokers.com IB) to purchase the insurance, or he can approach an Insurer directly or use an online price comparison platform.

• Mediator: Is the natural or legal person who assists the Receiver of Insurance and the Insurers to arrange the insurance coverage. Can provide advice and manage claims. Many insurance and reinsurance contracts are obtained through intermediaries.

• Insurer: Also known as an insurance company or "underwriter". Provides insurance coverage to the payee of the insurance against a fee (premium).

• Reinsurer: The legal entity that provides insurance coverage to another Insurer or Reinsurer. This insurance is known as reinsurance.

During the life cycle of insurance h International-Brokers.com IB may receive Personal Data about potential or actual Insurance Beneficiaries, Beneficiaries of an insurance contract, their family members, persons raising a claim and other parties involved in a claim. Therefore, the references to "Person / Persons" in this Privacy Statement include any of the aforementioned persons who are living, whose Personal Data or International-Brokers.com IB takes into account the services it provides and is committed to providing to its customers. This Privacy Policy sets out the use by International-Brokers.com IB of the Personal Data and the disclosures it makes to other Insurance Market Participants and other third parties.

International-Brokers.com IB, 256 Mesogion Ave., 155 61, Cholargos, Athens, Greece. THE International-Brokers.com IB is responsible for the processing of the Personal Data processed in relation to the services provided by the relevant commitment of cooperation with its client.

In some cases, and for the purpose of performing certain services, h International-Brokers.com IBand her client may have agreed that International-Brokers.com IB will have the status of the processor. When the International-Brokers.com IBacts as the executor of the processing, shall comply with the obligations set forth in the contract concluded between her and her client.


We may collect and process the following Personal Data:

Personal information: name, address (and proof of address), other contact information (eg, email, telephone), gender, marital status, family details, date and place of birth, employer details, title and employment history, relationship with the recipient of insurance , the insured, the beneficiary in an insurance or the claimant in a claim.

Identity: Identification number issued by government agencies or agencies (eg depending on your country of residence, social security number, passport number, tax identification number, driver's license number).

Financial data: credit / debit card number, bank account number and bank account details, income and other financial information.

Insured Risk: Insured Risk Information, including Personal Data, which may include information only to the extent relevant to the insured risk eg:

Health Data: Existing and pre-existing physical or mental health conditions, health status, information related to injuries or disabilities, medical treatments / interventions performed, related personal habits (eg smoking or drinking), medical prescription information, medical history.

Information on convictions: criminal convictions, including driving offenses.

Other Special Categories of Personal Data: racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, and biometric data, data relating to a person's sex life or sexual orientation.

Insurance Details: Information about insurance offers or insurance contracts that a person will acquire.

Credit or Fraud Information: credit rating and credit rating (information on fraud and convictions, crime and sanctions charges obtained from various anti-fraud and sanctions databases) or regulatory authorities or law enforcement agencies.

Previous Requirements: Information about prior claims, which may include health data, criminal record data, and other Special categories of Personal Data (as described above in the corresponding definition of Insured Risk).

Current requirements: Information on current claims, which may include health data (criminal conviction information), and other Special categories of Personal Data (as described above in the corresponding definition Insured Risk).

Marketing data: If the person has consented to receive marketing material from us or from third parties, as well as the person's interaction with emails, forms we send to him in order to optimize our communication processes.

If we collect this information directly from individuals, we will inform them if the information is necessary and what the consequences will be if they do not provide this information on the relevant web page or in a related form.

We collect personal data from a variety of sources, including:

• Individuals and their family members, online or by phone, or by mail

• Employers of natural persons

• In the event of a claim, third parties including the other party to the claim (plaintiff / defendant), witnesses, experts (including medical experts), experts, lawyers and claims setters

• Other participants in the insurance market, such as Insurers, Reinsurers and other Ombudsmen

• Credit rating agencies (to the extent that International-Brokers.com IB undertakes credit risk)

• Anti-fraud databases and other third-party databases, including lists of sanctions

• Government services, such as vehicle registration authorities and tax authorities

• Damage forms

In this section, we define the purposes for which we use personal data, explain how we share information, and identify the "Legal basis»On which we rely to process information.

These "Legal Bases" are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 / EU (GDPR), which allows companies to manage Personal Data only when processing is permitted by the specific legal bases specified in the Regulation (as discussed below). ).

Please note that in addition to the disclosures we have identified in the table below, we may disclose Personal Data for the purposes we explain in this Privacy Policy to service providers, contractors, agents who perform work on our behalf.


In order to facilitate the provision of insurance coverage and the management of insurance claims, we rely on the data subject's consent to process Special Data Categories such as medical and criminal conviction data, as set out in the table above, as well as in the table above profile as defined in the following paragraph. This consent allows us to share information with other Insurers, Ombudsmen and Reinsurers who may need to process the information in order to play their role in the insurance market (which in turn allows risk accumulation and pricing in a sustainable way) ).

The consent of the individual affected by this processing of Special Classes of Personal Data and criminal conviction data is a prerequisite for the International-Brokers.com IB to provide the services requested by the customer.

By providing us with information about people other than you, you agree to notify us of the use of their Personal Data by International-Brokers.com IB and get their consent for us.

Persons may withdraw their consent to such processing at any time. However, withdrawal of consent may prevent it  International-Brokers.com IB continue to provide its services. In addition, if a person withdraws his or her consent to the processing by the Insurer or the Reinsurer of the Special Classes of Personal Data and criminal conviction data, it may no longer be possible to continue the insurance coverage.


Premiums are calculated by the Participants in the Insurance Market by conducting comparative studies of the characteristics of customers and beneficiaries against other clients and beneficiaries as well as studying trends in insurance cases before they occur. The comparative study requires both International-Brokers.com IB as well as other Insurance Market Participants to analyze and aggregate the information received from all policyholders, beneficiaries or persons who raise a claim to model these trends. Therefore, we may use Personal Data to combine information with models and to create standards that determine pricing in general and for other insureds. THE International-Brokers.com IB and other Participants in the Insurance Market may use Special Categories of Personal Data and data relating to criminal convictions to create the above models to the extent appropriate and necessary, such as a medical history for life insurance.

THE International-Brokers.com IB and other Insurance Market Participants use similar forecasting techniques to evaluate information provided by clients and individuals to understand the types of fraud, the likelihood of future losses that actually occur in loss scenarios.

We may only use these models for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. In most cases our employees make decisions based on these models. In the following cases, decisions are made solely on the basis of models and comparative study of the models' personal data by automated means.

When customers use our Portal platform, the insurance offers offered are solely based on whether the information provided by the customer meets the criteria set by the insurers and which they determine, to the extent permitted by applicable law,

a. if an offer is made,

b. on what terms it will be given,

c. And at what price.

Each insurer uses different algorithms to determine insurance costs, and clients should consult their insurer's privacy policy for more information. Our platform simply examines whether a customer's data meets the insurer's insurance models and then returns the results. We also apply algorithms to customer information that help us detect and prevent fraud. We regularly check profile sketching procedures and associated algorithms for inaccuracies and bias.

These automated procedures may result in no insurance being offered to a customer or the cost or terms of insurance being affected.

Customers can request that we give them information about the methodology used in decision-making and ask us to confirm that the automated decision is correct. We may reject the application if permitted by applicable law, especially where the provision of information could lead to the disclosure of a trade secret or to prevent the prevention or detection of fraud or other crime, but generally in such cases confirm that the algorithm and data source work as expected without error or bias.

The prices generated by our billing platform are derived from data we receive from insurance companies or from the use of web services provided by us.

If an insurance company changes its pricing parameters without notifying us, we are not responsible for the pricing error. For this reason, we consider the prices to be indicative and before submitting your insurance application, we will ask the insurance company to confirm the price.

We apply physical, electronic and procedural security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information we hold. These measures vary according to the sensitivity, format, location, quantity, distribution and storage of Personal Data, and include measures designed to keep Personal Data protected from unauthorized access. Where appropriate, these measures include encryption of communications over SSL, encryption of information during storage, firewalls, access controls, task separation and similar security protocols. We restrict access to Personal Data to personnel and third parties who are required to access this information for lawful, relevant commercial purposes.

We collect, use, disclose and otherwise process the Personal Data necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or as permitted by law. If we need Personal Data for a purpose other than the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, we will notify clients of this new purpose and, where appropriate, request the consent of individuals (or request other parties to do so). on behalf of International-Brokers.com IB) for the processing of Personal Data for these new purposes.

The periods for which Personal Data is retained are determined by our professional needs and requirements of law. We retain the Personal Data for as long as is necessary for the purpose (s) of the processing of the information collected, and for any other permitted purpose we may or may not require as required by law. For example, we may retain certain elements of a transaction and related correspondence until the expiry of the transaction resulting from the transaction, or to comply with the regulatory requirements applicable to the retention of such data. When Personal Data is no longer necessary, we can either anonymize the data (and we can further maintain and use the anonymised data for our own statistical purposes) or safely destroy it.

THE International-Brokers.com IB transfers Personal Data to or allows access to Personal Data from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Data protection laws in these countries do not always provide the same degree of protection as in the EEA. In any event we will protect your Personal Data as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Some non-EEA countries have been approved by the European Commission to provide substantially equivalent protection such as EEA data protection laws. EU data protection laws allow International-Brokers.com IB to transfer freely data to these countries.

If we transfer Personal Data to countries other than the EEA we will establish legal bases justifying this transfer, examples of contractual clauses, consent of data subjects or other legal bases permitted by applicable legal requirements.

Individuals may request additional information about the specific security measures applied when exporting Personal Data by contacting the Data Protection Officer at the address below.

We strive to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date Personal Data. Individuals should contact us at this email address [email protected] to update their information.

Questions about her personal data protection practices International-Brokers.com IB should contact its Data Protection Officer International-Brokers.com IB.

Under certain conditions, individuals have the right to request her International-Brokers.com IBto:

• Provide more details on how we use and process their data,

• Provide a copy of the Personal Data we hold about the individual,

• Correct any inaccuracies in our Privacy Policy,

• Delete the Personal Data for which we no longer have a legal basis for their processing,

• To object to any processing of Personal Data that International-Brokers.com IBjustifies relying on the legal basis of "legal interest", unless the reasons we invoke and justify such treatment outweigh any damage to the right to privacy; and

• Limit how we process Personal Data while we process your request.

These rights are subject to certain exceptions to safeguarding the public interest (eg prevention or detection of crime) and our interests (eg maintaining a legal interest). We will respond to most of your requests within 30 business days.

If we are unable to resolve a query or complaint, the person has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.

For questions or requests regarding our Privacy Policy or its privacy practices International-Brokers.com IBPlease write to the Data Protection Officer in writing at:

Data Protection Officer

International-Brokers.com IB

256 Mesogeion Ave.

155 61 Holargos

Athens, Greece

[email protected]

Our policy can change at any time. Last updated on April 30, 2018. If we make changes to this policy, we will update the date of the last change. Any changes we make to this policy are effective immediately upon posting the revised policy on this site. We recommend that you review this policy regularly for changes.